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RETINOIC/5 Retinoic acid peel

RETINOIC/5 Retinoic acid peel

It is used for superficial-median peeling for correcting all types of age-related changes, large and small wrinkles, combating acne and excess skin oiliness. Peeling with retinoic acid is atraumatic, has the most physiological effect on the skin, and is easily tolerated even by those with sensitive thin skin.
This product is CE certified and marked.

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RETINOIC/5 is the most modern and effective preparation for active skin care: a safe midline peeling procedure with the aim of radically improving skin condition, correcting all types of age-related changes with loss of elasticity and tone, deep and fine wrinkles, pigmentation. RETINOIC/5 is an excellent option to help skin acne and correct difficult conditions of oily skin. It can also be added to your own night care product (cream, gel, serum) to increase the effectiveness of the latter. 


Retinoic acid RETINOIC/5 contains a complex of: tretinoin (derivative of vitamin A - trans-retinoic acid) in a concentration of 5%, stable ascorbic acid, lactic acid, liposomal peptide, vitamin E, squalane. Due to the balanced combination of components, RETINOIC/5 does not cause coagulation of protein structures (burns), in contrast to the classic acid peeling. The procedure is simple and easy to perform, and the recovery period is rather short. The peeling is carried out in the form of an 8 hour yellow mask applied to thoroughly cleansed skin in 1 or 2 layers. After the exposure time, the mask is washed off with water and the patient continues his daily activities. 2-3 days after the procedure, slight reddening of the skin appears (symptoms are similar to sunburn) and profuse peeling begins. After 5-6 days, the patient has clean, renewed skin. The procedures are repeated at intervals of 2-3 weeks. The number of procedures is determined by the achieved result. Retinoic acid is non-toxic, absolutely safe for an adult body when used externally, but it has a number of contraindications. Some of the contraindications are: allergy to retinol, exposure to the sun, sauna, solarium, as well as pregnancy (STRICTLY PROHIBITED), the period before conception (5 months) and the entire period of breastfeeding, since the powerful stimulating effect of retinoids on the fetus and the newborn's body can cause developmental abnormalities. The peeling procedure with RETINOIC/5 can be indicated for aesthetic problems of both young and mature skin. 


The aging process of the skin is closely related to the destruction of collagen-elastin fibers - the natural framework of the skin, which does not allow it to sag and wrinkle. The maximum amount of such fibers in the skin of children. With age, various factors, such as ultraviolet light from the sun, temperature drops, dehydration, accumulation of toxins, mutations in the DNA of cells, destroy collagen fibers and reduce their amount in the structure of the dermis. Introducing exogenous (external) collagen into the dermis without destroying its fibers is not an easy task and not very effective, since the body is trying to get rid of foreign matter; therefore, filler injections are always temporary. Retinoic acid by its nature is a powerful stimulator of all biological processes in the skin (more powerful than vitamin A). Perfectly penetrating the intercellular matrix, the molecules of this acid do not destroy or damage cells, but they accelerate metabolism many times to the level of the skin of a newborn. The rapid natural synthesis of all types of collagen, the synthesis of lipids of the epidermis, the main functional components of the dermis matrix, angiogenesis is started. The upper rough layer of the epidermis exfoliates and exfoliates due to the active growth of new young skin cells. To achieve a pronounced effect of global rejuvenation, comparable to such invasive procedures as biorevitalization and laser resurfacing, only 3-4 RETINOIC/5 peeling procedures are enough with an interval of 2 weeks. * * shows the average value of the number of procedures according to the results of the in vivo test on 20 volunteers of different sex and age with age-related changes in facial skin of varying degrees. 

LIPOSOMAL PEPTIDE COMPLEX MATRIXYL The second generation MATRIXYL stimulating peptide, clinically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis, is packaged in liposomal capsules for rapid delivery to the deep dermis. This delivery system also helps to avoid degradation of the peptide in an acidic environment during the entire shelf life of the drug. 


The most important reason for choosing a retinoic peeling procedure is that tretinoin normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, reducing the blockage of the sebaceous ducts, the formation of comedones and the appearance of inflammation. Since the beginning of the 21st century, retinoids have firmly established themselves in the arsenal of drugs for dermatology, as irreplaceable agents in the fight against severe types of acne and seborrhea. The RETINOIC / 5 preparation has a powerful complex effect on the condition of the skin, improving its structure, strengthening immunity and the ability to fight infections. RETINOIC / 5 can be used both for a mid-peeling procedure and as a daily mask against excessive oiliness and acne. 

PRECAUTIONS Retina peeling RETINOIC/5 does not require neutralization. Despite the fact that RETINOIC/5 is a product for independent use.

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